Mass Shooting Epidimic


Americas has its own terrorist,
and they are popping up in the most vulnerable areas, our Schools.

Unfair to blame law enforcement, or the schools system, since nothing could have been done to prevents this. The only way, could have come from the people closest to him.
One thing I know about people is they are great at persona facing.
The art of assuming the persona, for the Mask you chose to wear.

The only thing you can do is ban guns for civilians all together, since the criminal element, seems to be undetectable, and in anyone of us.

I suggest making it federal law to have added security, and checks at each of our schools, and children centers. We have no other choice since the seeds planted grow like wildfire in our sick garden.

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Happy V Day to me.


Forgive me but,
I have to ask this.
Why so much on the public displays of Material Love, and to a large number of people, who we know in our heart of hearts will not receive the same or anywhere close?

We selfie post images of Love laden representations, as if to say “Look What I Got” to those, who may not get.

What kind of Cult-Sure, do we live in when everyone is all about self glorification/gratification, even if that reflects badly on another persons, personal reflection?

Why not use those moments to promote universal representations of love, I mean love is Universal?

In fact why not make Valentines day, a day to show love to every, and all. Your significant other gives you twelve dozen roses, you take those roses and give them to people you don’t know.

I thought Valentines for two people that love each other, should be everyday, shouldn’t it?

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Change From Within


If Black People,
My People, want change, we’re going to have to start firing our Local Black Representatives.

Most if not all have to go, and the reason being, We can elect better. We Elect our leaders to represent our district, precinct, county, city, and provance, in a productive light.

The question is if the area that you govern is in disarray, then what does that say about your governing ability, and that of who you replaced?

Our Gripe isnt with the feds its with our local reps, who continually fail us at the bartering table.

Political Bartering, is a Snakey way of doing your job serving the people scoring brownie points for self.

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Race to Space 2025 Contest

One day,

Industrial shaping entities will come together, and encourage small Mom&Pop companies to reach for the stars.

A contest challenging and rewarding the developers of a Technology, that will safely propel us into space, Commercially.

A National “Open to all” small, mid, and large companies. The winners of course would get all the resources needed for a safe, and successful application.

That’s A Lets see what Americans can do, by joining forces on a local level, to form a, Shoot for the Stars approach.

We have to push the gambit, and open an alternate door for the massive numbers of people, who would be replaced. Industrially speaking.

Opening up Industry like this, now,

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33 + 33 + 33

We are Fractured Beings, made up of 3 Factors of People, Cerebrals, Physicals, and Spirituals.

Each being made up of a certain percentage of those three factors. Based on the Greater of those Factors, will determine the kind of being you are in your current state.

One thing is clear, we are all imbalanced, and have no Idea on how to achieve it.

Humanities focus should be directed on Finding pure Balance, as a people, a culture, and a purpose.

My Future self, will be in awe of

my past choices.

Our Future selves will rejoice in the idea of who we were, Growth.

Do you Believe?


I Believe we are here for a greater purpose, do you?

Do you think the universe is a just a reaction, without sentient possibilities?

I Believe we are to seed the Universe with Countless Experiences,
A Biological Sentient network, bringing together this Vitamin Injection, Called Life.

That has, and needs to be our focus going forward. No more walls of divide, that divide us like parasites, and not like nutrient this Mother Planet, and Father Universe Desire.
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