Chris Brown

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My Imprint

We wonder around searching for many things, all except whats really important to our why.

Why are we here?

WHAT? if anything, is our Universal Purpose?

Nature carries out the nuturing of our being, as the Universe prepares for our welcoming to the Family. The Family that will, one day transcend, time and space.

So what is that thing we all neglect, to acknowledge? Us. We spend too much time trying to define our presence in this Incubator, instead of seeing the beautiful patterns of our quilt.

We don’t welcome difference, we internally compare our impact on the quilt, to those that also take part in it’s design. Everything we value is based off of self Reflection, like family, friends, associates.

No desire to want to know that perceved alien invader in our personal Universe. We’re in defence of the ability to defend, money, power, and Influence. Social Defences.

We need to recognize, how small we are in the Great Dynamics of Things, which can bring a humble culture, rich in purpose.

We would also need to decrease our social responsibility, while increasing stability in our poorest of the poor. That dictates Growth.

We Humans are too Consumed by self, and not Focused enough on the Quilt. We’ll need it space, it’s cold.

We need a Global Day, that recognizes the power of Humanity.

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